Medical Services

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Occupational Health Services

In order to meet the requirement of institute and industry, we provide relevant healthcare services to their candidates and members.

  • Spirometry

  • X-ray Facility (Coming Soon)

  • Fitness to work

  • Confined Space

  • Pre Employment Check-up

  • Offshore Medical Check-up

  • Health Promotion

  • Medical Surveillance

  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Test

  • On-site Corporate Consultation Service

  • On-site for Corporate Blood and Urine Testing

  • Mobile Occupational Health Service

Medical Clinic Services

In our clinic, we provide medical examination / check-up, vaccination, screening and test. With our advanced technology facility, we almost cover most of the general healthcare services.

  • ECG

  • Panel

  • FOMEMA (Coming Soon)

  • Insurance

  • Ultrasound

  • Vaccinations

  • Primary Care

  • X-ray Facility

  • Influenza Rapid Test

  • In House Full Blood Count Test

  • In House Lipid Test

  • In House Hba1c Test

  • Medical Examination

  • Weight Loss Programme

  • Quick Smoking Programme

  • Health Screening Packages

  • Dengue Rapid Detection Test

  • On-site Blood Test

  • Corporate Health Screening

  • Warts – Treatment

  • Nasogastric Tube Insertion

  • CBD Tube Insertion

Covid-19 Test

Since COVID-19 becomes a common disease in the world, we test and provide a professional consultation to cure the disease.

  • PCR Swab Test

  • PCR Saliva Test

  • Antigen Swab Test

  • Antigen Saliva Test

  • Qualitative IgG Serology Post Vaccination / Past Exposure Test

  • Vaccination Center

Allied Health Services

Some patients are having difficulty in visiting our clinic due to inconvenience in moving and time arrangement.

  • House Call / Home Visit

  • House Call Health Screening

  • Tele-Consultation

  • Physiotherapy

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If you need our healthcare service, you may come to our clinic as walk-in patients. However, we also accept request for appointment. Please submit the form below for appointment.