Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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We gather young and knowledgeable doctors who are passion and caring in clinical industry. Our doctors are kind and responsible to all patients.

DUNCAN CHOGeneral Practitioner
Dr. Duncan has been serving in clinical industry for years. He is kind and helpful to his patients, his goal is to heal your sickness.

Dr Duncan graduated from First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University (MSMU), Moscow, Russia with Malaysia scholarship in 2017 and was awarded a bachelor degree in medicine (MD). He subsequently completed his housemanship & MO’ship in Hospital Umum Sarawak in 2021. He has been in the emergency & trauma field since 2018 and has work in various tertiary and district government hospitals ever since. Dr Duncan was credentialed and privileged in rapid sequence intubation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma (FAST) evaluation.

Academically, Dr Duncan has started his work, individually and in collaboration. The latest highlights of his achievement in getting occupational health doctor title and certification (NIOSH,MAL). In aesthetic field he was also awarded the certification of aesthetic medicine in Bangkok in 2022 (AAAM). He is passionate about tailoring treatments to meet the unique and specific needs of his patients.

Dr Duncan is committed to provide excellent care and service to patients, listening to each individual’s concerns and using a wholistic treatment approach. With his experiences in a variety of healthcare settings, having the patients ages ranging from 12 years old up to geriatric, as well as being a determined team player who is able to collaborate with other medical stuff to devise effective treatment solutions, he is also dedicated to professionalism and strives to maintain the highest standards of the field. He is an advocator of preventive medicine and aims to provide the best evidence based and most up to date treatment for patient’s wellbeing and health.

Special Interest:

  • Oral Endotracheal Intubation

  • Local Anaesthesia

  • Rapid Sequence Intubation

  • Cardioversion / Defibrillation

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • Nasogastric / Oral Gastric Tube

  • Peripheral Venous Access

  • Epistaxis Control

  • Immobilisation / Splinting

  • Trauma (FAST) Evaluation

  • Foreign Body Removal

Expert Healthcare

Our doctors are well educated and experienced in clinical industry. We have been in services and charity overseas for years, our duty is not only to serve patients locally, but also cure the disease in other countries. We share the information and experience via our clinical network, we work together to defeat the virus with other experts. Strength of unity makes us outstanding and unique from other clinics. We also welcome new doctors to join our big MEDIVIRON community.

  • We are strong when we united.

  • Your life is important, so same to others.

  • Give us a trust and give yourself an opportunity.

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Klinik Mediviron Setia Indah Values

We aim to provide comprehensive, accessible, quality patient-focused medical services in a caring, collaborative and efficient environment.

Clinic Mediviron will be your family’s choice when selecting a healthcare provider.

We will treat everyone like family.
We will offer innovative quality care to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.
We believe wellness is more than medicine.
Just like you, we call this community home.
We will continue to be locally owned by our dedicated physicians who are committed to the health of this region.

The needs of the patient come first.

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Let’s know more about us from our lovely patients.

Dr. Duncan is kind and friendly, he always understand my problem and advise me. Thank you so much for his service.


I like the environment and people here. The most important is that the doctor and nurses here are professional and lovely. I always enjoy their service here.


Doktor yang sangat sangat baik hati dan menerangkan pesakit dengan terperinci. Saya memang puas hati. Klinik bersih dan teknologi terkini tapi murah.


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